In MCI we believe that effective and efficient management projects our vision and values to our customers. This is why we are constantly trying to adopt new innovative techniques improving our internal operations making us faster and more effective in all fields of interest.


Having numerous years of experience in designing and developing software products, we realize that control is an integral part of the production process. From design to development and then from sale and support, our products either software or hardware are carefully inspected in order to maximize quality and proper functioning, thus creating loyal customers that choose MCI as their basic supplier.


Operating in the field of retail information technology and watching closely all the latest updates, we are constantly in search of new innovative products and solutions to offer to our customers. Taking advantage of the latest trends in the retail technology field (cloud services, e-payments etc.) we are in the position where we can fulfill our customers’ needs faster, more efficiently and always with the highest rank on security.

MCI Innovations
efesou 9, 17121, Nea Smirni
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M&C Innovations

We are M&C INNOVATIONS (MCI). MCI is a fiscal solutions provider for small and medium enterprises. We design, import and sell fiscal equipment and software in the Greek territory. We are the official distributor of TREMOL fiscal products in Greece. Moreover, we have developed our software suite POWER RETAIL, for managing individual retail and restaurant stores as long as bigger store chains with more complicated, data operations.

MCI stands for Manage & Control Innovations, we believe that through effective management and control we are able to create all those necessary conditions for innovation to emerge and thus be imprinted on the solutions we provide to our customers. MCI team consists of the management and technical team. Both teams with combined experience of over 20 years are always by your side to consult, design and develop a solution tailored to your needs that efficiently uses all the necessary resources available to provide you with the expected result.

In MCI we have a customer oriented philosophy. We believe in an adaptive and fast moving team, able to provide you personalized services and all the necessary expertise needed, in order to smoothen your business operations and resolve in the fastest way available all the issues that may arise in your daily routine.

Our technical department is always online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support your business in every possible way. Finally yet importantly, our R&D department, which develops our software products, gives us the opportunity to work together with our customers and create   specialized software solutions providing you all the necessary information, trying to make the decision making of your business as easy as possible.  


    MCI's strategic priority, as a new entrant in a highly competitive field, are happy-happy customers, who will be the attraction of new business acquaintances resulting in continued expansion of the client base of the company.


    The MCI has full software development department with a view to continuous development of solutions and applications that help their customers appropriate times to upgrade their existing systems and by doing so they are always on the cutting edge of technological developments for the benefit of the financial results obtained.


    MCI products addressed both to retail customers and wholesale customers. Our guests enjoy a whole high level of service and innovative solutions for the development of the financial figures of the companies.


    The human MCI's potential in all segments is chosen based on the high level of knowledge and experience in this area to be able to monitor technological developments for the benefit of our customers.