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MT 4210/4210 2D/4220/4220 2D

MT 4210/4210 2D/4220/4220 2D

MT-4210/4220 is designed for versatile applications from receiving, picking & packing, stock-replenishment, pricing & mark-down to stock-taking as whole work-flow as well as asset management up to user’s working environment. It may serve not only in retail markets but also in warehouses, distribution centers, 3PL/4PL, logistics, postal services and even manufacturing along with following features below.

Adopting the two most famous OS (Operating System), which are Windows Embedded CE .NET 6.0 (MT-4210) and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 (MT-4220), customers maintain their existing legacy or back-end systems.

Powerful Wifi IEEE802.11b/g/n radio supports up to 100Mbps at 2.4Ghz bandwidth with top-notched securities including WPA and WPA2. The MT-4210/4220 is also CCX v.4 certified which provides a secure and compatible connection with industrial wireless networks.

The MT-4210/4220 is the most rugged in its class. It is 1.8 meter (6ft) drop resistance and IP65 water/dust proof as well as 1,000 cycles at 1meter-tumble. The MT-4210/4220 has IP65 rating compared with other products that are typically rated with IP54. Meaning it will last longer in harsher conditions which enables companies to minimize their TCO (Total cost of ownership) and down-time.