Unmatched Cash Management

Revolutionize Your Retail Operations, Minimize Losses, and Propel Productivity


Still Counting Cash Manually?

Dive into a realm of unparalleled cash management with the SMARTtill® Solution,meticulously designed to transcend traditional retail operations. In a fast-paced retail environment, handling cash efficiently is the cornerstone of a seamless customer experienceand robust operational workflow. SMARTtill® Solution emerge as a beacon of innovation, steering your retail business towards minimized cash losses, reduced cash handling expenditures, and heightened in-store productivity.

Embrace the revolution that SMARTtill® brings to the table—a system that monitors every cash transaction in real-time, ensuring an error-free and accountable cash management regime. With an automated tracking system, say goodbye to the tedious manual till countsthat not only consume valuable time but also pave the way for inaccuracies. Every transaction is tracked meticulously, flagging any discrepancies by shift, time, cashier, and transaction, thereby saving up to 30 minutes per POS per day on cash counts. This precision in cash handling drastically cuts down the time spent on managing cash and investigating cash losses.

But that's not all. SMARTtill® is not just a cash management system; it's a comprehensive solution that extends its benefits across your entire enterprise. From Operations to LossPrevention, Treasury, and Data Analytics, SMARTtill® orchestrates a symphony of seamless transactions, accurate cash counts, and actionable insights. It's about creating a retail environment where your cash works as hard as you do, where every penny is accounted for, and where data-driven insights propel your business decisions.

With SMARTtill®, you're not just adopting a new system; you're investing in a future wherecash management is no longer a chore but a strategic asset. The real-time value of your till at the POS, coupled with predictive analytics on cashier, lane, and store performance, paves the way for informed business strategies. The ability to integrate with existing POS systems and CCTV ensures a swift transition to a more secure and efficient cash handling paradigm.

Discover the transformative potential of SMARTtill® Solutions and redefine what’s possible in retail cash management. With SMARTtill®, every transaction is a step towards excellence,every insight a leap towards a more prosperous retail business.

Automated Cash Tracking:

Bid farewell to manual till counts and revel in automated, error-free cash tracking.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Stay ahead with real-time updates on cash transactions, enhancing accountability and reducing discrepancies.

Insightful Analytics:

Harness the power of data to drive informed business decisions, from cashier performance to store-level operations.

Swift Integration:

Seamlessly blend SMARTtill® with your existing POS systems, unlocking rapid deployment and operational harmony.

Remote Access to your Cash:

Access real-time insights into your cash activity anytime, anywhere through our intuitive web platform or mobile app, ensuring seamless cash management across all your retail locations.

Control your cashon-the-go

through web or mobile app

Real-Time Tracking

Track all cash movements in real-time without service interruptions, ensuring accurate cash counts and reducing the time spent on cash management.

Proactive Alert System

Stay informed with security alerts on cash transaction errors, lifts, top ups, and CIT pick-ups, enabling prompt action to secure your assets and ensure accuracy across all transactions.

Actionable insights

Leverage predictive analytics to drive informed business decisions and improve store performance.


Discover how MCI and SMARTtill® can help redefine your retail landscape.

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