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At MCI, we pride ourselves on pioneering RetailPOS, a cutting-edge retail and hospitality management software crafted to impeccably serve small to medium-sized enterprises. RetailPOS is your go-to platform for streamlining all daily operations, from seamless point-of- sale transactions and intuitive wireless order-taking to efficient back-office processes. With integration capabilities like MyData and eSend, along with a suite of features for inventory, price and label management, RetailPOS is tailored to be the backbone of your business operations.

RetailPOS is a meticulously engineered software suite designed to cater to the expansive needs of businesses across the retail and hospitality spectrum. Whether you're a small, medium, or large enterprise, RetailPOS is your ally in fostering a data-driven culture. It’s more than just a tool; it’s your partner in harnessing the full potential of your data, aiding in informed decision-making, and unlocking a new realm of operational efficiency.
Adaptability and flexibility lie at the core of RetailPOS, ensuring a seamless installation and operational experience. Whether deployed on a modest laptop setup or scaled up to robust systems with multiple registers, RetailPOS adapts to your business needs, managing high data volumes with ease and precision.

  • Multiple payment methods per transaction
  • Comprehensive business data management through customizable reports and data cubes
  • Pricing policies (happy hour), customer card (eCash card), and loyalty module
  • Smart monitoring system for unwanted discounts, cancellations, and deletions before receipt closure
  • Inventory tracking, purchase invoice entry, design and issuance of all available documents, MyData billing capability, sale on hold, discount management, multiple department capability per work station (Retail, Wholesale, Wolt, Efood)
  • Connectivity with essential peripherals like kitchen printers, barcode scanners, customer display, scales, call recognition modem, windows tablet & android smart devices
  • Easy data import and export in various file formats
  • Area management for tables
  • Assigning table areas to waiters
  • Viewing table status (free, occupied, awaiting payment, etc.)
  • Transferring orders to another table
  • Sending orders to multiple kitchen printers
  • Item & order comment management
  • Partial or full table payment with multiple payment methods
  • Preparation instructions & ingredient listing for items
  • Call identification via PSTN modem
  • Order preparation time monitoring
  • Full delivery personnel management
  • Customer history and dietary preferences
  • Assigning receipt to delivery personnel in case of emergency takeaway order delivery
  • Printing comments and delivery details on the receipt

RetailPOS Essential Features

Elevate Your Retail Operations

Multiple Payment Options

Facilitate diverse payment methods within a single transaction, offering convenience and flexibility to your customers

Intuitive Inventory Management

Keep a tight grip on your stock levels, orders, and deliveries with our intuitive inventory management system

Comprehensive Reporting

Dive into insightful analytics and custom reports that drive informed business decisions


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