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Seamless Data Collection, Personnel Management, and Reporting - All Under One Roof

In a world where efficient resource management is key, our WaterWise suite steps in to revolutionize how water metering companies operate. With a trio of robust software applications, we streamline your data logging, personnel coordination, and database management processes, transforming operational hurdles into a smooth, manageable workflow. The WaterWise Collector, is a mobile application compatible with Windows and Android devices, stands as the cornerstone for proficient data logging while the WaterWise Contractor mobile app is your go-to tool for effortlessly logging water meters in a new area or upgrading an existing network. Finally we got WaterWise Manager, a Windows desktop application, acting as the nexus between your field operations and the central database.

WaterWise Collector

A seamless mobile app experience for both Windows and Android devices, enabling effortless data logging at your fingertips.

WaterWise Contractor

A versatile application enabling you to seamlessly record water meters in new areas and upgrade existing networks.

WaterWise Manager

The nerve center of your operation. Manage your personnel, assign daily tasks and transfer your data between the end- devices and your billing system.

Specifically crafted for water metering companies

Utilize your workforce

Organize and assign task to data collectors and devices

Advanced filtering options

Easily sort and filter your water meters based on address, meter ID and numerous other criteria

Abnormal consumption detection

Automatically identify and mark instances of unusual water usage

Progress tracking

Effortlessly monitor which water meters are yet to be read, ensuring comprehensive data collection

GPS integration

Automatically capture the precise coordinates of each water meter using the app's built-in GPS functionality, ensuring accurate location data for streamlined management


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